DEADLY END (aka Neighborhood Watch) (2005) – The Dungeon Review!

Big budget horror films, even the rare good ones have that shiny, glossy, sheen that more often than not takes away from the grittiness. They tend to lack the sleaziness and depravity their subject deserves. The goal of the Hollywood movie machine seems to be to appeal to the widest audience possible. This inevitably results in a whole lot of ball-less garbage that manages to disappoint me more often than not. Generally speaking, foreign, independent and smaller releases are a hell of a lot more creative, original and gory. Not to say they are all good of course, there is plenty of shit to wade through in this world too! However, time and time again it is these releases that have made the biggest splash for myself as a horror fan. Deadly End (aka Neighborhood Watch) is one of those “splashes”. This came recommended by Scott over at Anything Horror. Scott and I don’t always agree but I know when he really digs a film, chances are good that it is going to be an all out, balls to the wall horror flick. Bravo Sir! This delicious little nasty really kicked my ass!

Newly married couple Bob and Wendi have just moved into their first home. Bob is about to start a new job and the happy couple has plenty of reason to be optimistic about their new life together. But, seemingly random weirdness threatens the couple’s fun. A creepy dude from the electric company freaks Wendi out, an abandoned block of homes that looks as though it was hit by a storm may have actually been caused by Bob’s new employers ineptitude. But the weirdness escalates to scary by a seemingly kind gesture. A bouquet of flowers is left on their front step that ends up sending Wendi to the emergency room where they learn she has contracted poison oak. Their first introduction to the elderly deaf couple living across the road is in the middle of the night when they crash their car in front of the couples house. The non-commutative couple are clearly shaken and upset but act so strangely towards Bob that he initially writes them off as senile and possibly a bit nuts. Than they meet their other neighbor Adrien. Adrien makes friendly by welcoming the couple with a box of chocolates. Adriens “gift” gives the couple explosive diarrhea. So not surprisingly, when he brings the couple a jar of preserves the next day they shut the door in his face. The poison oak and diarrhea were just fun and games, but now Adrien is angry. This means war!

Deadly End has a sense of humor throughout, yet it never feels like a horror-comedy. Director Graeme Whifler finds a perfect balance between levity and intensity. The result is a horror movie that had me chuckling while the little hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. Deadly End has scenes of gag-worthy gore and features one of the vilest bastards I’ve seen in a genre flick in a long while. This is not a non-stop gorefest by any means. The film builds gradually giving you only nibbles early and than bigger bites until it lays out its all you can eat buffet of grotesquerie. But make no mistake, the scenes that disturbed, really fucking disturbed! It would be fun to describe to you in glorious detail all the disgusting bits but this film was that much more effective because it completely blind-sided me. The effects are impressive across the board. Everything from Wendi’s poison oak makeup to the startlingly realistic gore is absolutely top notch. If you want even more gore, I highly recommend you check out the “making of Deadly End” documentary on the dvd!

After we meet Bob and Wendi whilst playing a frisky game of where’s kitty among the stacked boxes of their new home we are whisked away for a brief tour of Adrien’s abode. We get a glimpse of what lies behind those newspaper covered windows. Adrien is laid out doing something disgusting that I will not divulge here among mountains of clutter and filth as his radio blares the ranting of some psychotic preacher. We actually aren’t officially introduced to Adrien until a little later in the film, but clearly this character is off-kilter. Nick Searcy gives a dastardly inspired performance as Adrien. The character is awkward, hygienically challenged and completely insane. His antics are at times comical when they’re not making you nauseous. You won’t soon forget the disturbed Adrien or his nasty and graphic pastime. Jack Huston and Pell James do a decent job playing fresh-faced couple Bob and Wendi. The couple are likeable and have good chemistry but do make some pretty bloody stupid decisions at times, but I still rooted for their survival. The deaf elderly couple also does a fine job with their roles. Besides the couple making some daft decisions the only other negative would be too much time spent following Bob at his new job. It has nothing to do with the films central action and does little to move the plot along. Some of the office interaction is amusing and it certainly lent something to Bob’s explosive diarrhea scene but they linger there longer than I personally cared for.

Deadly End is a great fucking horror film! I wouldn’t recommend this to the casual horror fans but if you’re looking for an original genre film with intensity, laughs and a really nasty bite than you should definitely check this one out. Highly Recommended!

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Graeme Whifler

Starring: Jack Huston, Pell James, Nick Searcy, Jerry Schumacher, Terry Becker, Anina Lincoln, De Anna Joy Brooks

5 Responses to “DEADLY END (aka Neighborhood Watch) (2005) – The Dungeon Review!”

  1. Oh yes GoreGirl!! Like you said; we may not always see eye-to-eye on every film (which is why I think we compliment each other so nicely) but there’s certain flicks that I just know you’re gonna love … and NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH was one of them.

    You had the same reaction that I did when I first saw this one …. felt like a punch to the gut. I really didn’t know all that much about this one so when the depravity started to unfold I was speechless. I think I watched most of this one with my mouth hanging open!! Great review, and I have another one you MUST see … it’s an Aussie flick titled THE LOVED ONES and it’s absolutely amazing. It blew me away and I think you’re gonna love it.

    Keep kicking ass GoreGirl!!

    • The masterbation scene was so seriously yucky. And poisoning someone to death is such a simple way to kill someone and can be so wonderfully nasty! I don’t know why I don’t see it used more often in horror films! This was a grade A recommendation my friend!

      Just watched a trailer for THE LOVED ONES! It’s no laughing matter how fucking awesome that film looks!

  2. The Film Reel Says:

    If Goregirl says it’s a ‘great fucking horror film’ then I’m probably going to agree. My curiosity is at its height now so I’m going to start hunting this one down.

    I’ve gotta agree with Anything Horror, The Loved Ones was a good flick and should be right up your darkened alley!

    • Will-Run out and rent this now! You’ve got to watch the DVD special features too!! It is one of those sets where people seemed to actually have a lot of fun, and the effects and gore stuff is amazing! It is so refreshing to see something original and boy oh boy does it get nasty!

  3. I have the DVD of this movie. For some dumb reason, I never got past the scene where Adrien tries to give the preserves to the blonde lady and she refuses. If anybody has a box of laxative chocolates for me to eat, let me know!

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