Having recently watched Horrors of Malformed Men (review pending) and Lady Snowblood I am reminded that the Japanese have had a long love affair with over-the-top scenarios and arterial blood spray. Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl is dually directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police) and Naoyuki Tomomatsu (Stacy). Having seen previous efforts from both directors it is no surprise this wacky film came from the melding of these two brains. Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl is a high-energy comedic action flick full of crazy characters and kooky gore gags. It is completely and utterly ridiculous and loads of fun!

Monami is a transfer student who generally blends into the woodwork but on this particular school day the girls are given gifts of chocolate to their favourite guys. Sadly their teacher has confiscated all of the chocolate with the exception of Monami’s, which was so small it went unnoticed. It just so happens that the boy Monami has her eye on is the very same boy classmate and snotty mean girl Keiko digs. The aggressive Keiko and her posse corner Jyugon insisting he be her boyfriend. Shortly after Monami offers Jyugon a chocolate, which he accepts and eats. It turns out the chocolate is full of blood, and not just any blood but Monami’s vampiric blood. In no time flat Jyugon becomes entangled in Monami’s strange and violent world. Keiko is no match for a vampire at least in her present form. But a messy fall, a mad-scientist and a drop of vampire blood brings Keiko back as the titular Frankenstein Girl who inevitably does battle with Vampire Girl for Jyugon’s affection.

A love story in a high school setting? Normally I would avoid such things, but this ain’t exactly your average love story set in a high school. No Siree. The gore is joyfully over-the-top just like the films characters. The film doesn’t take itself seriously for one second. It opens with Monami (aka Vampire Girl) killing 3 frankenchicks stripping the skin clean off of their skulls and piling them neatly on top of each other. Blood spraying everywhere showering our little vamp with the delightful red essence she needs to survive. A smile of satisfaction for a job well done comes over her cheek-pinchable little face. But Monami isn’t all cuteness, she is a vampire after all, and she is also devious. She tricks poor Jyugon into eating her blood hidden inside a chocolate and our guy goes on a pretty crazy trip and soon finds himself craving the red gold. I loved Monami’s joyous matter of factness about the things she must do to survive and her poor beau’s utter horror at her casualness to it all. I would have liked more Frankenstein Girl though! The fight promised in the films title is great, but too brief! Frankenstein Girl (aka Keiko) doesn’t make her appearance until the end of the film. I loved her fabulous getup and that her posse carries around a drill so that she can reassemble herself. At one point she takes her arm off and drills it into her head to make a propeller so she can fly! I loved the wrist cutters club and their seriously intense team captain. Her arms are so strong they can no longer be damaged. Then we have the Japanese girls obsessed with African-American woman who they believe to be the superior race. For fun their leader re-enacts winning a marathon and is particularly proud of her strong black legs. Then we have Keiko’s dad who acts as teacher and vice-principle and on the side he is a mad-scientist who dresses in Kabuki garb. His assistant is the horny school nurse. And of course there is a janitor named Igor! The dullest of the bunch is definitely Keiko and Monami’s love interest Jyugon Mizushima.

The effects are kinda cheap looking and downright cheesy at times but I loved it! They are very creative with every aspect of the action and effects and while the story borrows from numerous sources the whole package felt fresh as a daisy. The film is quite lively, and unlike its admirable peers it has practically no downtime. The film is comedy first and the lighter atmosphere may not appeal to everyone. Comedy is a personal thing after all and what makes me laugh may not make you laugh. Personally I thought the comedy worked perfectly and gave the film a great energetic live-action comic book feel. My only complaint here would be the music, which I found downright painful at times, but I must admit there was one or two moments where the bad music did give me a laugh.

Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl is fun squared. It is lively, funny, campy, gory and totally entertaining! I highly recommend it.

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Yoshihiro Nishimura & Naoyuki Tomomatsu

Starring: Yukie Kawamura, Takumi Saitô, Eri Otoguro, Sayaka Kametani, Jiji Bû, Eihi Shiina, Kanji Tsuda

8 Responses to “VAMPIRE GIRL VS FRANKENSTEIN GIRL (2009) – The Dungeon Review!”

  1. This is an awesome review! I am glad you are getting around to seeing these films. I look forward to your horror of malformed men, since you do such a great job of covering the older films.

    • Thanks Cello! VG vs FG was just plain fun.

      I don’t think it would surprise you at all to hear I thought Malformed Men was great! Thanks to your review, I’ve now seen 3 films from this director I’ve thoroughly enjoyed!

  2. Good review although I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as you did.

    As a Japanese culture fan it was interesting to see the different Japanese pop culture references parodied – gothic lolita and ganguro – but the sheer tacky feel of everything put me off (same with Tokyo Gore Police and Samurai Princess).

  3. The Film Reel Says:

    This one and Robo-Geisha rank low on my list of the recent splatterfests that have come out of Japan. Thankfully Mutant Girls Squad seemed like a return to what I enjoyed about TGP.

    I gotta say that Tokyo Gore Police is still my favorite and I’m waiting for the moment that they deliver something to defeat it!

  4. I look at those screen shots and think: Ouch! 🙂

    …great review. These sorts of splatter flicks that don’t take themselves seriously are always worth watching for two hours of fun. I’ll add this to my watch list.

    • I must admit, I think these over-the-top Japanese action/horror flicks are too much fun! This movie was faster paced but not quite as bloody or gory as others of its ilk. And while the story was silly (intentionally so) I quite liked how some of the wacky characters end up “donating” parts to Frankenstein girl.

  5. Yukie Kawamura was good as the lead but IMO the prettiest girl in the movie was Aya Nishisaki (though she only had a small role). Aya’s a fashion model not an actress

  6. […] Harel (Deadgirl) Thomas Cappelen Malling (Norwegian Ninja) Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl) Banjong Pisanthanakun (Shutter, Alone) Simon Rumley (The Living and the Dead) Tak Sakaguchi […]

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