Friend of the dungeon Kai over at The List invited me to take part in his post FILMS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED TO SEE 6-6-6. My contribution is 3 French horror films with strong female characterizations, so go check it out by clicking here!

Happy Halloween! Have shitloads of fun!


4 Responses to “GOREGIRL ON “THE LIST””

  1. Those are indeed 3 horror essentials.

  2. I couldn’t have done this one without you, GG!
    Thanks for pitching in… I’ve seen 2 and love them and you have peaked my interest for Eyes Without a Face so I’ll have to hunt that one down!

    • Cheers Kai! Thanks for including me…and Eyes Without A Face is a fantastic film that is definitely worth seeking out!

  3. The Film Reel Says:

    Nice picks! I love all those movies and it isn’t very often that I actually read one of your reviews for a movie I’ve seen! Can you believe that one of my friends actually thought Inside was boring! I was shocked, shocked I tell ya!

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