Growing up, my parents made birthdays a real big deal. It wasn’t just a birth-“day” but a birth-“week” around our house! This picture was taken at one such birthday; a wee impressionable Goregirl of undetermined age looking mighty pleased with herself in her lovely orange frock. I have always lamented my teen years were spent in the 80’s instead of the 70’s. Sadly, I was only a kid in the 70’s and far too young to see and experience the really meaty stuff from the decade. So in honor of ME, I will be reviewing only films from the 1970’s! I figured everyone will be posting Halloween related stuff this month, and since every day is Halloween in the dungeon, why not do something different? I won’t just be reviewing 70’s films for the rest of October though, I’ll be posting ’em right through to the end of the year! A few of the flicks I’ll be reviewing this month will include; The Candy Snatchers, Who Can Kill A Child?, Flavia: The Heretic, Lady Snowblood, Strip Nude For Your Killer and Phantasm. Of course, there will be tons of horror titles, as well as exploitation, action, comedy, thrillers and just about any other damn thing I feel like including!


10 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!”

  1. Happy Birthday Goregirl!

    So, what do you want to do when you will be a grown-up?

  2. I wish you a happy birthday, and a lot of gooooore! ^_^

    • Thanks Alekosoul!

      Thanks Genki Jason! I live downtown Vancouver (B.C. Canada) and our central library has an absolutely killer selection of Asian titles old and new. I’m psyched to check out Lady Snowblood! You can count on a few Japanese 70’s flicks reviewed around here over the next couple months!

  3. Happy birthday Goregirl. Nice site. I found Lady Snowblood was a lot of fun so I hope you enjoy it to.

  4. bizarre_eye Says:

    Happy belated Birthday GoreGirl! The ’70s is my favourite decade for horror too. Great spate of reviews so far – Candy Snatchers and Who Can Kill a Child? are personal favourites of mine. Strip Nude for Your Killer is also a gialli favourite.

    • I’m bound to stumble upon a dud at some point, but I’ve been very pleased with my 70’s choices so far! I’m looking forward to checking out Flavia: The Heretic tonight. I do love a heretic!

  5. The Film Reel Says:

    Oh man, how did I miss your birthday! Better late than never right! Happy Birthday. It’s nice to see yet another Libra joining the fold, especially from the 70’s like me! Power to the October babies, of which I know many and I’m glad to add Goregirl to that list now!

    • Thanks Will! I use to hate having my birthday in October as a kid because it made me younger than everyone else. I’ve grown to love being an Octobaby! Plus, Libra is the only sign represented by an inanimate object! That’s got to count for something!

  6. The Film Reel Says:

    I love being born in October. The stores are full of creepy goodies and then I get to celebrate my birthday, usually in an equally creepy way. Good times!

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