Goregirl’s TOP 10 Favourite Horror Films From 1986

Directed By: Ken Russell

Gothic is an intriguing idea but the story does lack a bit. Visually however, Gothic definitely shines. Amazing and surreal images and gorgeous sets make it easy on the eyes and Gabriel Byrne is great as Lord Byron.

Directed By: Jim Wynorski

Chopping Mall is ridiculous, cheesy and screamingly 80’s and it is pure mindless fun! How serious do you take a film about killer mall security robots equipped with lasers? The likeable Kelli Maroney’s Alison Parks is a great female character that is considerably sharper and stronger than your average 80’s teen.

Directed By: Lamberto Bava

Demons 2 is not quite as good as the original and takes longer to get going, but when it does it is a delightfully demonic, high-energy good time! Great effects, amazing demon make-up and a creepy little child demon. Don’t come here for a story, just sit back and enjoy the ride. To read the full review click here.

Directed By: Fred Dekker

Night Of The Creeps is a fun tongue-in-cheek flick, cleverly written with decent performances and it has a serial killer, zombies, AND aliens! Classic camp with an undeniable 80’s vibe that is just a rollicking good time! A rock solid horror-comedy and one of the best from the decade. Click here to read the review.

Directed By: Tobe Hooper

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 doesn’t have the intensity or seriousness of the original but as a film in its own right it is a real gas! Although the film has a relatively low body count it has some impressive and memorable scenes of violence. It also has some humour that had me laughing with horrific glee! As a bonus it stars the great Dennis Hopper! My only real complaint in an ending that’s a bit too abrupt.

Directed By: Richard W. Haines, Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman

Class of Nuke Em High is classic Troma and definitely one of their best. Gore, violence, humour and insanely over-the-top situations abound after the students smoke some toxic weed. The no budget effects add to the laughs and are effectively gooey and nauseating. I hadn’t seen this one in years but guest reviewer Scott Shoyer’s excellent enthusiastic review had me running out to find a copy! Click here to read his review.

Directed By: Stuart Gordon

From Beyond is definitely campy but has some great moments of intensity loaded with awesome creatures, amazing effects and gore galore! Fabulous characters and a fun story and not a single dull moment! I’ve seen this one multiple times and always dig it.

Directed By: Robert Harmon

The Hitcher is an amazing intense thrill ride and Rutger Hauer is absolutely unforgettable as menace John Ryder. The Hitcher is worth a look just for his performance. Well-paced, superb dialog, beautifully filmed and an excellent finale seal the deal.

Directed By: David Cronenberg

The Fly is one of the very few remakes as good, if not better than the original. Jeff Goldblums quirky delivery and gangly frame are well suited to the Seth Brundle role. Perfectly paced, excellent build-up and the Brundle characters transformation into the fly is a thing of grotesque beauty.

Directed By: John McNaughton

Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer is based on the real-life exploits of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. Henry is one of the best films made about a serial killer period. It’s chilling, violent, bleak and drenched in grime. Micheal Rooker is intense, disturbing and mesmerizing as Lucas.

Here are the rest of the films that made the shortlist: Invaders From Mars, Combat Shock, Crawlspace, Deadly Friend, Dead-End Drive In, April Fools Day, Mountaintop Motel Massacre

11 Responses to “Goregirl’s TOP 10 Favourite Horror Films From 1986”

  1. April Fool’s Day and Dolls (1987) — those broke my scary movie cherry.

    just thought I’d add that.

    • goregirl Says:

      I watched tons of older horror, Hammer, Toho monster flicks as a kid but I think my first graphic horror film was maybe Amityville Horror which I seen at the drive-in with my parents.

  2. Another impeccable list!

  3. I’m surprised The Hitcher hasn’t got more fans, it’s a brilliantly intense film. Hauer is terrifying.

    Love the screenshots from Demons 2 and Gothic – another two films I haven’t seen.

    I think my fave from the year was The Fly. Strong performance from Jeff Goldblum, excellent special-effects, great story.

    • goregirl Says:

      Hauer is just fantastic in The Hitcher and C. Thomas Howell’s performance doesn’t get the respect it should.

      I’m a big fan of British horror and while I wouldn’t say Gothic is perfect it is at least interesting. The Devils is my favourite Russell film but I’m quite fond of Lair Of The White Worm too.

  4. Great call on Henry. That is a cool flick. I’m so stupid I totally didn’t think it would end the way it did (or at least hoped) but it’s disturbing and makes sense for the character!

  5. The Film Reel Says:

    I haven’t seen Henry for many years now but I was just reading about it and now it’s right here. I must track down a copy and check it out again because I don’t think I appreciated it properly the first time around.

  6. KATE MY FRIEND! I missed you! I will most definitely need to borrow both of those films! Ring me on the weekend!

  7. Wow, never seen Henry, but if it beat out The Fly, apparently I need to up my game. And that picture for From Beyond is crazy, that’s been on the queue for a while now, too.

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  9. […] take on the music from John McNaughton’s Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. From the album Director’s […]

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