What Is Your Favourite Wes Craven Horror Film? RESULTS!

Nice turnout for the Craven poll and surprisingly even votes! There was one “other” vote in the poll for Wrong Turn. If you are referring to the 2003 film with Eliza Dushku that was directed by Rob Schmidt. If there is a film directed by Wes Craven under that title that’s slipped under my radar I would be interested in some details. Here is how the results came in…

Swamp Thing and Shocker = 0 Votes
Other (Wrong Turn?!) = 1 Vote (4%)
The People Under the Stairs = 1 Vote (4%)
Deadly Friend = 1 Vote (4%)
The Hills Have Eyes = 3 Votes (11%)
The Last House on the Left = 4 Votes (14%)
Scream = 5 Votes (18%)
The Serpent and the Rainbow = 6 Votes (21%)
And the winner is…


Thanks for voting!

No new poll, but I will have a Dungeon update for you later today!


2 Responses to “What Is Your Favourite Wes Craven Horror Film? RESULTS!”

  1. bizarre_eye Says:

    I can’t believe I was the only one who voted for The People Under the Stairs…

  2. I was hard pressed not to vote for People Under the Stairs, but I’m sorry. I had to give my vote to Deadly Friend. Killer robots for teh win! lol

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