Goregirl’s TOP 10 Favourite Horror Films From 1985

I figured after 1984’s list of horror films things could only get better, and indeed they do! Much, much better! 1985 fucking rocked! It’s all about the gore and the giggles in this horror-comedy heavy year!

Directed By: Michele Massimo Tarantini

Massacre In Dinosaur Valley was also marketed as Cannibal Ferox 2, which no doubt pissed some people off! Yes, there are cannibals and copious nudity but trust me when I tell you that this is nothing whatsoever like Cannibal Ferox! It is downright light-hearted in comparison, but man is it wonderfully cheesy! Especially Kevin, the ultimate 80’s man of action! This movie is bad but it sure does amuse me! It is sad there are no dinosaurs though!

Directed By: Buddy Cooper

No budget, no story and no character development are trumped by some gory and impressive deaths and a mean-streak a mile wide! As the name promises, people do get mutilated! This one is all about the kills! Mutilator is one of the more graphic slashers from the decade and a must-see for fans!

Directed By: Larry Cohen

The Stuff is Larry Cohen’s little nugget of 80’s weirdness with a campy premise that recalls the classic b-flicks of the 50’s but with an 80’s message of the evils of consumerism. The underlying message may seem heavy-handed but The Stuff never really takes itself very seriously. The cheesy effects just add to the good times! To read the full review click here.

Directed By: Rufus Butler Seder

Although Screamplay wears the Troma label, the film contains none of the nudity, gore, or politically incorrect humor of the Troma library. Screamplay is a clever little murder-mystery and an ode to the great silent era of film with a quirky cast of characters and groovy washed-out looking black and white photography. A real found gem!

Directed By: Tom Holland

I have to admit, Fright Night was more “PG” than I recalled, and it also takes a little while for things to get going. But man oh man, when it gets rolling it really is fun! It has some great moments of intensity, memorable performances, wild effects and lots of laughs all served up with just the right amount of camp. Great poster too!

#5 PHENOMENA (Creepers)
Directed By: Dario Argento

Phenomena is a visually impressive film boasting amazing effects, spectacular set pieces, and lots and lots of insects! The films lags just a smidge through the middle but overall the pacing is good, the performances are decent, and its fascinating visuals keep me mesmerized from start to finish.

Directed By: Lamberto Bava

Demons is demented, high-energy fun with lots of gore and wicked effects. And most importantly, it has some really freaking cool looking demons! There isn’t a single dull moment in the entire film. It gets to the point quickly and keeps the action going right through to its outrageous finale. Demons is a shitload of fun! To read my full review click here.

Directed By: George A. Romero

Day Of The Dead is a thing of beauty. An intelligent zombie flick with spectacular zombie makeup and killer effects. A great looking film all around courtesy of Romero and Savini with a great mood, moments of impressive intensity and a bit of humor. No one does zombies quite like Romero does zombies.

Directed By: Stuart Gordon

Re-Animator knocked my socks off the first time I seen it. It has never failed to amuse me after multiple viewings either. Jeffrey Combs is unforgettable as Herbert West and the film flies by with humorously grisly glee! This delightful masterpiece is buckets and buckets of fun!

Directed By: Dan O’Bannon

The Return Of The Living Dead is just one crazy scene after another! Loads of great looking zombies, excellent effects and gore, fun characters, humor and it even delivers a few moments of intensity. The ending is pure gold! I haven’t a clue how many times I’ve seen this film, but it never ever gets old for me!

Here are the rest of the films that made the shortlist: Confessions Of A Serial Killer, Silver Bullet, Zombie Apocalypse, Howling II: … Your Sister Is a Werewolf, Cat’s Eye, The Dark Power, Ghoulies, Formula for a Murder

6 Responses to “Goregirl’s TOP 10 Favourite Horror Films From 1985”

  1. Hahaha I love The Stuff. I’ve mentioned it so many times to random people, it’s no wonder people think I’m crazy. Heavy handed message? What? Don’t put stuff that mysteriously bubbles up from the ground in your mouth? LOL

    So many good films from 1985, but despite FrightNight coming out the same year, I have to say that The Stuff is one of my all time favorite movies. Yogurt never scared me until I saw this movie! 😉

    • goregirl Says:

      Cohen may go about it humorously, but I definitely got an anti-marketing and anti-consumerism vibe from the film. But yeah, eating white goo from the ground…bad and avoiding dairy products that don’t need to be refridgerated is probably a very good idea also! Personally, yogurt has always scared me a little.

  2. Hmm, the only question this movie ever raised for me is… how the heck did they ever get it past the FDA? In that sense, assuming they greased a few wheels with copious amounts of cashola, there’s your anti-marketing angle.

    Anti-consumerism can be read into so many films from the 80s (and 70s). In a sense, the people who ate the Stuff became zombies/pod people and I suppose that could be the anti-consumerism angle.

    It’s too bad no one listened to the anti-consumerism messages of any of the 80s movies. Now we’re all just cattle for the big corporations. Hmmm, is that a Soylent Green remake I smell? lol

    No, really, I heard a rumor it was in the works. I think they were just waiting for Charlton Heston to die.

    • goregirl Says:

      Why exactly are “FOOD” and “DRUGS” monitored by one body anyway? Each should be their own entity. I suppose “the stuff” isn’t much more disturbing than cheese product you spray from a can. We used to eat crazy crap like that when we were kids. Hell, someone told me about a product called Baconnaise, and I thought it was joke! Bacon flavoured mayonaisse actually exists! YUCK!!

      I had no idea they were considering a remake of Soylent Green! Why not?! They’re remaking everything else, at least this film has some relevance.

  3. Haha Baconnaise… I just saw a foodnetwork show the other day where they put bacon on cupcakes. Even if I wasn’t a vegetarian (which is, in itself, a bizarre lifestyle choice for any lover of horror movies), bacon on cupcakes, or in mayonnaise, would still be so gross.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out baconnaise was an American invention. We Americans are forever putting things in our mouths that definitely should not go there. No wonder we’re a nation of diabetics and cholesterol patients. At least my carrot stick has a lovely visceral crunch when I bite into it.

  4. The Film Reel Says:

    Man, there were some real classics dished out that year, and also The Stuff! HAHA! I love that movie though, such goofy fun with it’s terrible green screen and scenes that make no sense.

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