What Is Your Favourite John Carpenter Horror Film? RESULTS!

A great turnout on this weeks poll with 39 votes counted! I fully expected this to be a race between Halloween and The Thing, but in the end there was no contest. This is how the results came in…

Christine, Prince of Darkness and Vampires = 0 Votes
The Fog = 2 Votes
In The Mouth Of Madness = 3 Votes
They Live = 3 Votes
Halloween = 12 Votes
And the winner is…

THE THING = 19 Votes

Don’t forget to cast your vote for your favourite Tobe Hooper Horror Film.

Thanks for voting!!


2 Responses to “What Is Your Favourite John Carpenter Horror Film? RESULTS!”

  1. It was a hard choice between Poltergeist and Invaders from Mars, but I went with Poltergeist. It’s the only movie that ever gave me a nightmare, though admittedly I had the flu at the time.

    • goregirl Says:

      I haven’t seen a lot of these Tobe Hooper films in a long while! TCM is the only one on the list I know really well and have seen multiple times. I loved Poltergeist when I was younger but I can’t recall what I might have thought of Invaders. A few “other” votes for Salem’s Lot have come in, which I didn’t include because it was a TV movie. I probably should have! TV or not, it was pretty rock solid!

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