CONTACT (2009) – The Dungeon Review!

Today’s review is for a short film called Contact directed by Jeremiah Kipp. Mr. Kipp has made a handful of short films and has assistant director credits on a number of feature length flicks such as Automatons, Satan Hates You and I Sell The Dead. Before reading the review, click the WATCH CONTACT link and watch the short yourself. This is the play along at home review game! It’s only 11 minutes long so check it out and come on back and read my review!


We open with an older couple setting the table for dinner. Even though we get only a glimpse of one room in a house, I got the feeling that the couple are of the upper middle-class variety. They seem quite proper, setting a table in the traditional manner, the wife correcting her husband on the proper placement of cutlery. There is a tenseness that hangs in the air and a third place is set at the table. When the doorbell rings they are clearly tentative and seem concerned about what they might find on the other side of the door. We then shift gears to a couple that appear to be in their early 30’s. They have arrived at a dilapidated, seemingly abandoned building, which is being used by a drug dealer to sell his wares. The couple are warned to take the drug together and off they go. Naked and facing one another they embark on a drug-induced trip. This particular trip is a fucking bad one and our girl is confronted with some ghastly images. We come back to the husband and wife and their knock at the door. It is our party girl looking more like daddy’s little girl in her conservative looking attire. It appears as though it has been a long time since the parents seen their daughter. Dad and daughter look at one another briefly and then embrace. But the final quick image suggested to me that the monkey might still be on her back.

Was the fact the woman seemed to come from a good home relevant? Probably only in the respect that it shows anyone can become addicted to drugs. Were they drug addicts though? She didn’t look ravaged from drug use to me. Was that the couple’s first trip? My guess is not bloody likely. Perhaps their first foray into harder drugs? Maybe. Speaking from my own experience and blowouts over late night drunk arrivals I can imagine that this young woman stormed out of her parent’s house in one such confrontation. Now fully engaged in the party life with lots of drinking and experimenting with drugs. I can’t say I’ve had a similar experience in my own limited drug use, very mild psychotropic experience with mushrooms a couple times would be about it. Shame on me for thinking this, but I am almost intrigued to try harder drugs based on her experience. Many great writers and musicians have created their best work drunk or high! What can I say? I wanted to go to Las Vegas with a suitcase full of drugs after reading Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas! I suspect this was probably intended to show the negative impact of drugs on the body and the family. But that’s the great thing about a film that is 11-minutes long; you can take away whatever you want from it. I felt like she was putting her good girl mask on for mom and dad and that last bad trip would not be her final one.

While I would say Contact is more drama than horror I think it does an excellent job of presenting its material. Contact has an amazingly effective mood and bleakness aided greatly by the beautiful black and white photography. The music and sound is top notch. There is very little dialog used in the film, and I have to admit I would have preferred no dialog at all as I thought the images spoke for themselves. Contact is a moody, well made and effective trip. Recommended!

Dungeon Review: 3.5/5

Directed By: Jeremiah Kipp

Starring: Zoe Daelman Chlanda, Robb Leigh Davis, Katherine O’Sullivan, Tom Reid

2 Responses to “CONTACT (2009) – The Dungeon Review!”

  1. Nice job!! I reviewed this one too a month or so ago and pretty much came to the same conclusions as you!! Like I always say; great minds think alike 🙂

    This is definitely more dramatic that horrific, but the grips of drug addiction can be very horrific!!

    • goregirl Says:

      So true…great minds DO think alike!

      Don’t get me wrong, by no means am I belittling drug addiction, but I do find peoples drug experiences rather interesting.

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