The Dungeon’s Weekly Director Themed Polls

Every Thursday you will find a new “director-themed” poll in my sidebar and a post of the results from the previous poll. For week one, I want to know which John Carpenter horror film is your favourite. Once I’ve compiled a significant amount of film titles, I will use the information for a future Dungeon project. Still working out the details of what exactly that project will be, so stay tuned…and don’t forget to vote!


9 Responses to “The Dungeon’s Weekly Director Themed Polls”

  1. Man that was hard. I could have gone with The Thing easily, but They Live is the only film that Rowdy Roddy Piper ever did well. (Hell of a lot better than Hell Comes to Frogtown) Mr Piper won They Live extra points. šŸ˜‰

  2. I think the only thing that detracts from The Thing for me is the fact that they’re in the process of remaking it. Remakes always make me cringe. It’s nothing against The Thing at all, but it upsets me and so colors my memory of the film.

    • goregirl Says:

      I also loathe remakes! DETEST them with a passion. I just avoid them all together now. But of course, THE THING itself is a remake, one of only 3 remakes I can think of that is equal to or greater than its original, along with The fly (86) and Invasion of The Body Snatchers (78).

  3. The Thing is a remake? What’s the original? The Fly’s okay, tho I didn’t care for the sequel. I like Jeff Goldbloom. He’s generally a good actor in most anything he’s in. I love all the Body Snatcher remakes but one. That’s not so much a remake as it is the story from a different perspective. I forget what it’s called, but they’re on an army base and the main character is a teen girl who just moved there with her family. I think I didn’t like it because I didn’t like her. Otherwise, it was an okay film and did make some new additions to the “mythos” of the bodysnatcher films.

    • goregirl Says:

      The Thing From Another World came out in the early 50’s. I watched lots of horror from the 50’s and 60’s as a kid. My dad was a huge pop culture junkie and just loved sci-fi and horror. The original is actually quite brilliant!

  4. Cool, I’ll have to look it up!

  5. The Thing… no contest!

    • goregirl Says:

      Kai-Totally agree! The Thing has a significant lead right now. I honestly expected this to be a tighter race between Halloween and The Thing. Still a few days left though….we’ll see!

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