Do You Prefer Watching Foreign Films Subtitled Or Dubbed? – POLL RESULTS!

This week’s poll asked, “Do you prefer watching foreign films subtitled or dubbed?” I’d be the first to recognize that some foreign films have a certain charm when dubbed. Toho monster flicks like Godzilla or Rodan for instance. Juan Piquer Simón’s Slugs: The Movie wouldn’t be the same without that dubbing! But generally speaking I rather watch the vast majority of foreign films in their original language with the subtitles on. Clearly you agree! An overwhelming majority chose SUBTITLES ON!

Subtitled: 23 votes (88%)
Dubbed: 3 votes (12%)

Happy Friday!!
Have a goretacular weekend!


3 Responses to “Do You Prefer Watching Foreign Films Subtitled Or Dubbed? – POLL RESULTS!”

  1. The people made the right choice. Its much better to watch in the original language.

    • goregirl Says:

      ianthecool-I like your lego icon! And of course I couldn’t agree more…in their original language is how foreign films should be watched!

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    ~ Cheers!

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