New Italian Horror! EATERS – Teaser Trailer

Below is a teaser trailer for a brand spanking new Italian Zombie film! The names Marco Ristori and Luca Boni are attached to the project. Actors, Alex Lucchesi and Guglielmo Favilla are featured as two survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Don’t be afraid of the “Uwe Boll presents”, from what I understand, he neither produces nor directs ‘Eaters’. IMDB didn’t have a listing for the film and when I looked up Ristori and Boni, both had cinematography credits but not directing. Even though I really have no background information at this point I’m intrigued nonetheless! I’m personally digging the bleak yet amusing vibe of this teaser. What do you think?

6 Responses to “New Italian Horror! EATERS – Teaser Trailer”

  1. Looks a bit cheesy but I’ll do all things Zombie!!!

  2. needleinvain Says:

    Looks like it could be fun. The last good zombie film I seen from Italy was Cemetery Man. I found this on dread central (just an excert)…

    “Gyno experiments his insane theories on the bodies of the zombies given to him by the other two men,” says Ristori. “He tells the two men that he is looking for a treatment for the virus in order to save Alexis, Alen’s girlfriend, a healthy carrier of the virus, but actually he is trying in any way to give life to a new race of human-dead in an isolated farm turned into a horrible slaughter house.”

    Re-animator apocalypse-style? I like it.

  3. I’ve been really burned out on zombie flicks as of late, but from what we’ve seen this looks fun. Great job with Italian Horror month by the way, it’s been a great time!

  4. hagiblog Says:

    That had a hardcore video game vibe to it, which is probably why Uwe Boll’s name is attached to it. Seriously, who thinks it’s a good idea to put his name on anything? Isn’t that just spelling doom for it!

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