AustinChef’s Top 10 Horror Movies of the Decade (2000-2009)

10. Rogue (2007)
Puts life back into a tired genre!! Scary, suspenseful, has great characters, and a kick ass crocodile that isn’t “stupid big” but big enough to terrify.

9. Calvaire (2005)
If there was ever a “slow burn” flick, this is it. You need 2-3 viewings of this one to really comprehend the depravity going on here. Was there even ever really a wife? This one got under my skin!!

8. Pontypool (2008)
Is this “philosophical Horror”? Fuck that!!. This has a great story, great acting, and is full of suspense and terror.

7. Deadly End (2005) (a.k.a. Neighborhood Watch)
Surprisingly effective! Yes some characters do some really stupid things here but the scene where Adrien is on his couch performing a little self surgery earns this a spot on my list.

6. Joshua (2005) [be careful NOT to get the 2007 movie]
A dark and truly disturbing flick. A low budget film that squeezes every penny, and it shows. This one will stay with you long after you’ve seen it. Beware if you have kids!

5. Hatchet (2006)
Revives the slasher genre by going back to the basics. Its gory, suspenseful, and just a whole lotta fun.

4. The Signal (2006)
Three directors tell over-lapping stories about a strange TV signal making people violent. Has a great pace, is suspenseful and scary, and has accents of black humor that work. A low budget, experimental flick that works on every level.

3. The Descent (2006)
Like Rogue this too injects new life into a tired genre. The cast of all strong female characters kicking ass was refreshing, & I don’t know the last time I jumped outta my seat or felt so claustrophobic in a movie!!

2. Inside (2007)
This is one twisted flick! The 2 strong female leads elevate this way above the genre. Full of suspense, scares, and gore … and just wait until the ending!!

1. Martyrs (2008)
No movie has ever gotten under my skin like this one. It’s not ‘torture-porn’ but a movie about suffering & whether that suffering can have an ultimate, universal meaning. This is a nearly perfect movie NOT for the faint of heart.

4 Responses to “AustinChef’s Top 10 Horror Movies of the Decade (2000-2009)”

  1. Digging your picks! I haven’t seen ‘Deadly End’ or ‘Calavaire’ but will definitely add them to the list! ‘The Signal’ made the shortlist…an amazing original film! Needless to say your TOP 3 are giants! The kind of horror films that don’t come along nearly often enough!

  2. austinchef08 Says:

    I agree. The Descent, Inside, and Martyrs are very unique. Its gonna take one HELLUVA flick for me to put it in the same category as those 3.

    I also find it interesting that all 3 of my favourite flicks of the decade have ALL female leads; and they are all strong and fiercely independent women. Take a hint Hollywood …. we’re sick of your square-jawed, white, blue-eyed heroes!!!

    • AustinChef, I couldn’t agree more! There is definitely not enough strong female leads in horror films! I would love to see women play the killer more often! A few more female horror film directors would be nice too!

      I think Hollywood is way beyond hints when it comes to horror films. They lost their way a long time ago. Not to say they don’t ever get it right…once in a while there is a gem. But let’s face it, for every glossy bigger budget film that works there are 10 that are miserable! They don’t make horror films for the genre fan, they make them for the masses and what we’re left with is a constant stream of ball-less flicks that are appropriate for a 10 year-old’s sleepover!

  3. austinchef08 Says:

    Beautifully put!! Hollywood genre releases are limp, ball-less offerings. Most of both our Top lists (for both 2009 and the decade) are comprised of Canadian and French flicks (with the occasional Japanese release). I’m really surprised that The Descent got a big time theatrical release in the States. It is so “anti-formula”: female leads that aren’t screaming and useless, its actually scary, and the creatures aren’t “explained away” And I think your ratio is off …. I think its more like 1 Hollywood genre flick that works to 25 shitty ones!!

    When ya look at Inside and Martyrs we got really lucky that those 2 were released so close together. It’s gonna be a long time before we get another Inside and/or Martyrs!!! (although I’m hearing great things about The Horde).

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