El Barón Del Terror – BRAINIAC – The Dungeon Review!

brainiac still el baron del terror‘Brainiac’ markets itself as “The most bizarre horror movie. Ever.” I am sad to report that ‘Brainiac’ was NOT the most bizarre horror movie I have ever seen. Not by a long shot. There is no disputing the weirdness factor though, which can be attributed almost solely to the Baron and his transformation into the horrible, forked-tongued, face-pulsing, brain-eating monster.

The Holy Inquisition of Mexico condemns Baron Vitelius to be burned alive for his crimes. Before he dies, he names each inquisitor and warns them that in 300 years he will avenge his death by eliminating their descendents.

The premise seemed so familiar, I wasn’t sure if I had seen it or not. In the 50’s and 60’s there were more than a few flicks with executions, where the accused comes back to reek his/her revenge. Once I seen a picture of that goofy monster, I knew I had most definitely NOT seen it. The film was made in 1962 in Mexico on a micro budget and it shows.
still from brainiac el baron del terrorThere is no actual scenery, other than the interior of a few rooms. Backdrops are just photo’s. It couldn’t possibly look more fake! There is one shot of an inanimate comet that is downright hilarious! Another awesome effect used often in the film is a flashlight (or possibly a table lamp) used to shine on the Baron’s eyes. You see, the Baron has the power to transfix beautiful women with his eyes. Curvy Mexican women in pencil skirts become seduced by his gaze. They kiss him passionately, sometimes in view of their significant other, or in one case, dear old dad. The father’s reaction is classic! I included a picture, but it really doesn’t do it justice! Without a doubt, the monster is the cheesiest and strangest component. I would be curious to know where the motivation to create this creature came from. I am guessing that Tequilia was involved. Sadly I couldn’t find a good picture, but he is
still from brainiac el baron del terror 2
quite hairy with long pointy ears, and a long pointy nose, a long forked tongue, long fangs and tentacle-like appendenges for hands. His face pulses and he is capable of sucking the brains clean out of people’s heads. In fact, the Baron keeps a fancy dish full of brains hidden away for when he needs a snack. A few times throughout the film he sneaks off to go have a nibble. These scenes are quite funny. The actor who played the Baron is also a producer for the film. It is obvious the man was having fun with the role. I think my favorite scene was the opening one, where the inquisition’s sentence is being handed down to the Baron. He has a hearty laugh at their findings and immediately after, becomes dead serious. The man steals the show, but the whole damn thing is all about him anyway. This is NOT a good film, but it made me laugh. There’s really not much more I can say about ‘Brainiac’. It is a film that shamelessly self-promotes itself as “The most bizarre horror movie. Ever.” ‘El Barón Del Terror’ is a film that knows it is bad but embraces that badness and runs with it. Many people will not appreciate this film on any level. But, if you’re a fan of low budget monster flicks from the 50’s and 60’s and don’t mind it cheesy and wacky, give this one a whirl. Recommended with warning.

Dungeon Rating: 3/5

Directed By: Chano Urueta

Starring: Abel Salazar, David Silva, Germán Robles, Luis Aragón, René Cardona, Rubén Rojo and Carlos Nieto

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  2. 24hourstomidnight Says:

    Personally, we liked his baked potato spaceship.

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