SLUGS: The Movie – The Dungeon Review!

slugs“They Slime. They Ooze. They Kill.”

‘Slugs’ definitely qualifies for the so bad it’s good category. If a film is going to be this bad, it better make me laugh and have some decent gore. Slugs delivers the bad-goods! Holy shit does it deliver! Part of me wanted to give the film an even higher rating in protest to its 3.7/10 rating on IMDB. It really is bad though. Painfully awful. Some of the worst dialog and acting I have ever come across. But damn if It didn’t make me laugh so freaking hard my eyes were watering! In addition it delivers some awesome scenes of gore and carnage that have to be seen to be believed. Slugs is classic shlocky, sleazy shite that entertained me immensely.

Locals are dying violently gruesome deaths without explanation. The city health inspector believes the cause is a mutated slug infestation but the inept authorities blow him off. He works with a professor from the local highschool and a friend from the sanitation department to confirm his suspicions and figure out how to rid his town of the carnivorous slimy creatures.
slugs still 2
I really summed it all up in my opening paragraph, but I cannot reinterate enough how often this film made me laugh. There is plenty of bad acting, but the character that gave my husband and I more laughs than anyone else was Sheriff Reese. He is an A-typical, too often portrayed, grizzled, hornery cop character, but is WAY over the top with it. I mean WAAAAAAAAAAAAY over the top! He pretty much shouts his entire dialog and what comes out of his mouth is so bloody funny, I am starting to giggle as I’m writing here. Honest to god, I don’t laugh this hard at most comedies! It’s not just the dialog, acting and story that are painfully bad, the music is also truly awful! The ‘Slugs’ theme is this cool screaming thing, but every other music choice is so bizarrely inappropriate it can’t be ignored. You don’t actually see the first couple of kills which had me petrified, but when the gore comes, it is nasty, exploitative 80’s fun. At one point, a teenage girl slips and falls stark naked onto a floor teeming with slimy slugs and writhes about covered in the creatures, screaming on top of her lungs as they eat away at her, dislodging her eye from its socket. That is just one example of the fine slug-related deaths you will be treated to. Anyone who is familiar with Juan Piquer Simón’s film ‘Pieces’ will already know the man loves his gore. If you liked that film, then you will surely get a kick out of ‘Slugs’. Painfully bad dialog and acting that will have you howling, injected with a nice helping of gore, and copious shots of squirming, slimy, fat slugs! I think there is a very small section of the population that would enjoy this epic crapfest as much as I do. If that’s you…enjoy the hell out of this one! Recommended!

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Juan Piquer Simón,

Starring: Michael Garfield, Kim Terry, Philip MacHale, Alicia Moro, Santiago Álvarez, Concha Cuetos, John Battaglia, Emilio Linder, Kris Mann and Kari Rose
still from slugs

Coming up next week I will have a VERY tardy edition of September’s Horror Happenings, reviews for ‘Tetsuo: The Iron Man’, ‘The Creeping Flesh’, ‘The Heirloom’ and ‘Return to Horror High’.

7 Responses to “SLUGS: The Movie – The Dungeon Review!”

  1. Oh I like the little slug with teeth, he’s kinda cute! Nothing says fun for me than a movie that is ‘so bad it’s good’. I haven’t seen one of those in a little while and I need a break from the super intense horror flicks I’ve seen lately. I’m looking for this one right now!

    • Isn’t he a cute little guy?! This movie is PAINFULLY bad but I have to think there are others out there that can appreciate it the way I did. Seriously, killer slugs?! Come on! How awesomely ridiculous is that? DEFINITELY check it out!

  2. It may be really awful but those few pics you have look really good. Plus I just can’t resist a slug with teeth! OH GOD I WANNA PINCH HIS CHEEKS!!! HAHA!

  3. abercrombie Says:

    omg what is so bad about a slug with teeth i mean look at him hes so cute!!!!!

  4. lars ohlsson Says:

    Hi there. A bit late in the post but what the heck. I actually saw this movie when it was new and I liked it very much as did this website’s writer. I have it somewhere on vhs (videotape) but where?! Would be fun to watch it again, the endscene is pretty interesting. Acting is suberb if you compare to 2 of my toprating worst acting ever movies, the terminators 2009 and squirm 1976,

    The latter, Squirm, is so horrendously bad and so number one on my list its lead is insurmountable 🙂

    • Slugs is stupendously awesome! I dug Lieberman’s Blue Sunshine and he mentions Squirm on the commentary on the disc, so I immediately put it in my queue. Can’t wait to check it out!

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