THE COOP OF CTHULHU – Five Horror Films That Feature Chickens!

a chickenIf you read the blog yesterday, then you already know I watched ‘Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead’. It was a weekend full of poultry! I ran into a girl from work who told me her husband started building a chicken coop in their backyard so they can keep two chickens. This may be a normal conversation in some people’s worlds, but everyone I know pretty much lives in the city, and keeping chickens isn’t exactly common. On the way home we passed by a sex shop that had an inflatable chicken in the window. Okay, sheep I kinda get, but chickens? sheep are docile and woolly while chickens are pretty active and have sharp pecky beaks. Are chickens sexy? Gonzo on the Muppet Show seemed quite fond of them. Maybe there’s some group of Gonzo worshippers out there that fantasize about chicken sex. It’s been a while since I posted anything other than a review so I figured it was time I compiled a list. And that is how ‘THE COOP OF CTHULHU – Five Horror Films That Feature Chickens’ was hatched. I combed my brain for horror films that feature chickens and this was all I could come up with. I’m sure I must be missing some voodoo, satan worship films. If you’ve got one, leave me a comment!

still from the substituteTHE SUBSTITUTE
Directed By: Ole Bornedal
The poor chickens are just snacks in this one. An alien possesses a farmers wife and goes to work as a 6th Grade substitute teacher. In one scene she is caught chowing down on a chicken, feathers and all in a room full of feathered friends.

still from angel heartANGEL HEART
Directed By: Alan Parker
“It will scare you to your very soul.”
This is the film that Cosby kid, Lisa Bonet lost favor with Bill over. Unfortunately her chicken co-star is nothing more than a sacrifice during a fevered ritualistic dance, but he probably got more press than any other chicken on this list.

food of the godsTHE FOOD OF THE GODS
Directed By: Bert I. Gordon
“One Taste Is All It Takes!”
Filmed right here in British Columbia on beautiful Bowen Island. Those giant animals they have over there are a real menace! Giant wasps, giant rats and best of all, giant chickens. Finally, the chickens get their revenge! ‘Food of The Gods’ is genuine Grade B Canadian cheese.

Director: Sam Drog
“Murder Most Fowl!”
I read a review of Zombeak on It’s a low budget independent film about rednecks, satanists, possessed chickens and the walking dead. That is a whole lotta movie! Sounds great! So I went to their official site at and watched the trailer. It looks like it could be an entertaining way to spend 70 minutes. So, even though I have never seen the film I had to include it. Who will survive the terror of Zombeak!?

Director: Lloyd Kaufman
“Humans… the other white meat… Unless you’re black, then it’s dark meat… Or if you are Asian, then it’s yellow meat…Or if you are Native American, it’s red meat…”
It’s a horror-comedy-musical from Troma about zombie chickens. Go read yesterday’s review!

16 Responses to “THE COOP OF CTHULHU – Five Horror Films That Feature Chickens!”

  1. boggartblog Says:

    We are hoping to turn our Boggart Blog post “Cheesemakers Of Outer Space” into a Sci Fi movie soon.

  2. Angel Heart was awesome. A naked Lisa Bonet & Chickens. Yes.

    • goregirl Says:

      I was a huge Mickey Rourke fan back then, but I don’t think he had any scenes with chickens. Ms. Bonet was cute…what is she doing these days anyway?

  3. hagiblog Says:

    I agree with Cello, Lisa Bonet = Yum! And I want to see this Zombeak right now, I’m mean like now now!

    • goregirl Says:

      Zombeak indeed! I actually contacted them to ask how I can get a copy! They sell t-shirts on their website but no dvds.

  4. hagiblog Says:

    Did they say if they were making DVDs for it? I’d love to check the movie out.

  5. I hope they do make the DVDs!

  6. A truly inspired article! Don’t forget about “Rat Chicken”…

  7. I’ve written all about the filming of my THE FOOD OF THE GODS on Bowen Island in my autobiography that will be out in about 3 months, sold by Amazon and other good book sellers.

    The title: THE AMAZING COLOSSAL WORLDS of Mr. B.I.G. — An Autobiographical Journey by Bert I. Gordon.

    • goregirl Says:

      Gory Greetings Mr. Gordon! Thanks for letting me know about your upcoming book. I’ll keep an eye out for it, but if you want to stop by and leave me a note in the recommendations/suggestions section once it is for sale I will add a link in my blogroll for you.

  8. If there is no DVD for Zombeak, does anyone know if you can download it or something somewhere?

  9. Although i never saw any of those four movies other then angel was an admiring performance by Lisa bonet in angel heart.

  10. […] in July 2009 I did a feature called The Coop of Cthulhu: Five Horror Films that Feature Chickens where I cited Bert I. Gordon’s Food of the Gods. When you are the new kid on the block in the […]

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