Creature Classic – THEM! – The Dungeon Review!

them promo posterTerror!

Them! Giant mutated ants! A great creature feature from 1954. I borrowed this from the library but I would have been more than happy to have paid rental price for this one. In fact, I will probably buy a copy of this for the collection.

A little girl is found wandering alone in the desert. Completely unresponsive and blankly staring forward. They shuffle the girl off to the nearest hospital. In the meantime they have found a trailer and the local general store torn to shreds. They find the store’s owner dead and a rifle broken in half. The only two clues they have are a strange print in the sand and sugar tossed about. Mystified by their finding the local police call in the FBI. Even their man can’t connect the bizarre findings to anything tangible. They send a plaster of the print to the FBI lab and in response, they send two doctors from the Department of Agriculture. The doctors are quickly able to connect the clues which lead to a nest of giant ants mutated by radiation. Will they be able to destroy them all and prevent the annilation of the entire human race?

One of many Cold War-era Sci-Fi horror films dealing with monstrosties caused by radiation. The film takes its subject dead serious. In one scene, a group of government officials and military personel have gathered to be briefed on the situation. The doctor explains the gravity of the situation by showing a film and explaining the habits of a typical ant. It goes a long way to showing the daunting task they have ahead, and the severity of the situation. The performances in this film are excellent. The characters are intelligent and likeable. Naturally you have a handsome hero in the form of Robert the FBI agent. And the films lovely lady is one of the doctors sent to investigate. As she is getting out of the plane her skirt gets snagged on a step and there is a lingering moment where the 3 men are staring at her legs. Inappropriately attired in a pencil skirt and pumps she goes trudging through the desert looking for ant prints. Sure there is some of the typical behavior, I mean it was 1954 afterall! You can’t be putting no dame in danger! Once they realize this lady is quite capable, it is all business. They get right into the action and you don’t have to wait an hour to catch a glimpse of the ants. The film doesn’t skip a beat and keeps a consistent pace from start to finish. What makes this film extra special is the quality of the effects. For the time, they are well above par. The ants are very impressive and make this wonderfully shrill sound when communicating to one another. Pure Gold!

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Gordon Douglas

Starring: James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, James Arness, Onslow Stevens, Sean McClory, Chris Drake, Sandy Descher, Mary Alan Hokanson, Don Shelton, Fess Parker and Olin Howland

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