Sette orchidee macchiate di rosso – SEVEN BLOOD STAINED ORCHIDS – The Dungeon Review!

seven-blood-stained-orchids-2I had only seen a few Lenzi titles and they were all pretty gory. Two cannibal films and a zombie film that were really violent for violence sake. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy these films on some level but they are not what I think of when I think classic giallo. This film is definitely classic giallo. If you were put off by Cannibal Ferox don’t let that scare you away from seeing this one.

The film is about a serial killer that is offing young women. The killer leaves a silver half-moon pendant at each crime scene as a calling card. One woman who is attacked, survives. The police stage the woman’s death, going as far as having a funeral. The surviving victim along with her boyfriend decide to do their own investigation.

It follows a fairly typical formula with the regular string of suspicious characters and inept cops and a glove wearing killer who leaves a signature at the crime scenes. Although Lenzi doesn’t reinvent the wheel by any means, his film definitely leaves a lasting impression. He offers up a couple pretty brilliant death scenes. There is one particularly lovely scene when an artist is killed and her blood mixes with some paint. Very nice! The violence, gore and nudity is nicely
delivered with some imaginative filming style and above average performances from the actors. As mentioned, there is some serious kick ass imagery here that is not to be missed. A bizarre and brilliant soundtrack compliments it all quite nicely. The only negatives here is the plot is shot at you like a machine gun. If you blink you might miss something. I also had some issue with the films final scenes and a climax that ends much too suddenly. That said, there are thrills, chills and kills here that are not to be missed! A fun fast pace Giallo! I think this is my favourite Lenzi to date! Highly Recommended.

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Umberto Lenzi

Starring: Antonio Sabato, Uschi Glas, Pier Paolo Capponi, Rossella Falk, Marina Malfatti, Renato Romano, Claudio Gora, Gabriella Giorgelli, Aldo Barberito, Bruno Corazzari, Franco Fantasia and Petra Schürmann

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