PROFONDO ROSSO – DEEP RED – The Dungeon Review!

deep-red-promo-posterThis is one of my all time favorite Italian horror films. I have seen this film several times and last night I viewed it again. Because this is one of the first horror films I can remember seeing it holds an extra special place in my heart. It doesn’t scare the crap out of me like it once did, but sadly, no horror movie really does anymore. On re-watch it is still a beautiful piece of cinema. I am crazy nuts for Argento’s style of filming. He loves his prolonged shots of inanimate objects like windows and walls. Shots around corners and weird angles are extremely effective in helping set his mood. He has a knack of making even mundane objects eerie. His films are packed full with the most interesting and unique set pieces. There is a scene where they pan over a collection of odd toys, my favorite is a weird little faceless yarn wicker man-esque doll with pins in its chest. Lovely! The music is fantastic. Every time I view “DEEP RED” that little “lalalala” kids song stays in my head for days after. The performances are great. David Hemmings plays a pianist who lives below the first murder victim and witnesses her death. He is a pianist after all, not a detective and he trips, falls and bumbles his way through to the films conclusion. Daria Nicolodi does a solid job as an aggressive liberated journalist/reporter who works with Hemmings to solve the mystery. The ending is perfect. There isn’t some ridiculous convoluted or supernatural reason behind the why. The ending is simple and perfectly sensible. The gore levels are fairly tamed compared to a lot of what’s out there. But Argento offers plenty of variety with the death, from hatchet, to scalding, to decapitation. Some of you may be rolling your eyes up into your heads by now. Admittedly there has been a gratuitious use of complimentary adjectives in this review. It is true, I do have the mad love for Argento. I find no fault with this film whatsoever. Classic Giallo!

Dungeon Review: 5/5

Directed By: Dario Argento

Starring: David Hemmings, Daria Nicolodi, Gabriele Lavia, Macha Méril, Eros Pagni, Giuliana Calandra, Piero Mazzinghi, Glauco Mauri, Clara Calamai, Aldo Bonamano and Liana Del Balzo

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