Corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale, I – TORSO – The Dungeon Review!

torso“One Day She Met a Man Who Loved Beautiful Women…But Not All in One Piece”

Female college students are being murdered courtesy of an unknown assailant. Women on the campus are afraid. One attractive group of friends decide to escape to the countryside. What they soon learn is that the killer has his eye on them. There are many suspects and a scarf may be the only clue to learning the identity of the murderer. The assailant is traumatized by some childhood memories and possibly enjoys skiing in his spare time. The good old balaclava! Headwear of theives and serial killers alike! Such a simple and yet creepy way to mask your bad guy. The scenery is amazing. I am referring to the Italian countryside not the naked women. But there is plenty of skin here also. The final chase scene between the surviving female and the murderer is exciting and suspenseful, well worth the price of admission. Considerably more gritty and less polished than other Italian horror. But the grittiness really adds to the intensity of this film. There is a sexual nature to the deaths that contributes an additional ugliness. I thoroughly enjoyed the horror meets porno soundtrack also. Overall, the acting and film quality is good and the ending is worth sticking around for. Highly recommended.

Dungeon Review: 4/5

Directed By: Sergio Martino

Starring: Suzy Kendall, Tina Aumont, Luc Merenda, John Richardson, Roberto Bisacco, Ernesto Colli, Angela Covello, Carla Brait, Conchita Airoldi and Patrizia Adiutori

One Response to “Corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale, I – TORSO – The Dungeon Review!”

  1. Goregirl,you are truly one of my idols! Too often this film gets the short end of the stick,but I too enjoy it very much. A strong performance from Suzy Kendall.

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