Irish Horror Film ISOLATION – The Dungeon Review!

isolationThe first Irish Horror film review in our series “Blood-Splattered Shamrocks” is 2005’s “Isolation”. The entire film takes place on an isolated Irish farm and there are only a handful of supporting characters. To help pay the bills a poor farmer agrees to let a scientist use his cows in an experiment to increase birth rates. The experiment goes horribly wrong and vicious little cow mutants are the result. A timely premise for a film in our world of genetically modified foods and mad cow disease. With a “killer cow” premise this film could have been done quite comically in a Peter Jackson-esque way. But this film takes itself dead serious. It’s bleak setting, tone and lack of polish help to set a mood. At times the scenes do get a little long but in most cases the films slow pace is quite effective particularly in a scene I’ll call the “dry breach winch scene”. The cows were a little cheesy but in most of the scenes they are partially hidden by hay or something else in their environment. This in my opinion does hurt the film. I appreciate that you never see them coming and there is the whole surprise attack aspect but I think the film would have been better served had you gotten some clear glimpses of the creatures and they were nightmarishly gory and mutated. Perhaps turned inside out with three sets of teeth? This aside I found it to be an intense, claustrophobic, well acted and suspenseful horror film. Definitely worth the price of a rental. If you require a lot of action, or blood and gore this one will probably not appeal to you.

Dungeon Rating: 3.5/5

Directed By: Billy O’Brien

Starring: Essie Davis, Sean Harris, Marcel Iures, Crispin Letts, John Lynch, Ruth Negga

2 Responses to “Irish Horror Film ISOLATION – The Dungeon Review!”

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