BLOOD CAR: Low on Budget, High on Entertainment – The Dungeon Review!

blood-car-1We watched the 2007 film Blood Car last night and were pleasantly surprised. The premise is it has become so expensive to fuel a car that only the very wealthy can afford to drive. There are car graveyards piled high with abandoned vehicles. A Vegan school teacher is intent on finding a way to use wheatgerm as an alternative fuel. He visits the wheatgrass stand at the old drive-in everyday. Across from the wheatgrass stand is a meat stand. Of course the girl who sells the wheatgrass is a good girl with a crush on our vegan while the girl selling the meat is a skanky, sex crazed maniac. Our vegan accidently cuts his finger and discovers the addition of his blood makes the engine run. And we have our Blood Car. Needless to say, our Vegan is going to need more blood to continue to run his engine. He has all sorts of moral issues with what he will need to do. When his car starts getting him some “meat girl” nookie he learns to get past his moral issues. His actions get more and more insane as the film goes on. Did I mention the government is monitoring his every move? I love the commentary. The only thing I would have lost was the narration. It was completely unnecessary. The film isn’t so mind-boggling that you need guidance. Also the narrator was pretty annoying. This crafty and original film, full of juvenile humor, splooge, blood and wheatgrass is a low budget tasty treat.

Dungeon Rating 3.5/5


Starring: Mike Brune, Anna Chlumsky, Katie Rowlett

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